Ranking your app on App store

The importance of keywords in app discovery and optimization cannot be overstated. Keywords play a significant role in the App Store algorithm and are a crucial factor in the referencing of your app. Your app title should be carefully crafted to contain the most relevant keywords and accurately describe the app’s purpose. Aim to use all 30 available characters in the title, keeping in mind that it will be cropped on some screens.

In addition to the title, the Subtitle also plays a key role in app optimization and can greatly improve app discoverability. The Subtitle allows you to expand your app’s discoverability by adding relevant keywords, and can give users a better understanding of what your app is about. Make the most of this field by adding new, relevant keywords and not repeating keywords already in the title or keyword field.

Finally, the Promotional Text serves as a powerful tool for engaging with users and promoting new features or promotions. Although the keywords in this field are not indexed by the algorithm, it’s still important to use relevant and strong keywords for SEO purposes. The Promotional Text can be up to 170 characters and is a great opportunity to showcase your app’s unique features.

App Description for Apple App Store

The Apple App Store algorithm does not consider app descriptions, but it’s crucial to optimize the description for search engine optimization (SEO) by including relevant keywords. Make the first 255 characters of your description appealing, concise, and easy to read. Use line breaks, short sentences, bullet points, and symbols to enhance readability.

App Icon Optimization

The app icon makes a crucial first impression on users and plays a vital role in boosting the app store visibility. Keep the design simple, original, and attractive, with minimal text and details. Consider using your brand logo if your app is related to your brand, or create a unique icon for the app. Use a flat design style and update the icon for special occasions to show that your app is updated.


Screenshots are more impactful than a description in convincing users to download an app. On iOS, the first two screenshots are displayed in the search results and need to showcase the best features of your app. Add up to 10 screenshots, with a short descriptive sentence on each one to explain the feature shown. Localize the screenshots by using different languages for different countries.

App Preview

App Previews offer a valuable opportunity to demonstrate the app’s features, functionality, and user interface to potential users. Keep the video short (15 sec to 30 sec) and in line with the Apple rules. iOS11 allows the App Preview to autoplay in the search results, making the app more attractive and increasing conversion.

Optimizing App Details, although linked to the app’s build and integration with other elements, can impact the conversion rate. Factors like download speed and compatibility with devices like Apple Watch can influence a user’s decision to download the app.

Regular updates to the app are important for positive rankings and user perception. It is best to update the app every 4-6 weeks to fix bugs, improve existing features, and add new ones. Responding to user feedback can lead to new ideas for features. The Apple Store values fresh content, so regularly updated apps have more weight in the algorithm.

Take the opportunity to improve your app’s ASO by updating visuals and keywords. Each update, whether it be a bug fix or new feature, can convince old or new users to download the app. Clearly explain what each update is about to increase your conversion rate.

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