Get 99.90% Uptime with Serverwala’s VPS Hong Kong


Is your website getting high speed? Is your website always available live online?

If you are not getting the above two features then you need to upgrade your hosting plan. Currently, you are hosting your website on shared hosting. That’s why your business website is not getting high speed and it is also not available online most of the time. Because as the name suggests, “shared” means you have to share every resource with your neighboring websites. So, to get high uptime and high speed you have to choose VPS Hosting for your business website.

As most hosting providers, provide high uptime and also claim that they provide the best uptime. But that’s not true! Most hosting providers fail to give the uptime. However, there is one hosting provider that provides the highest uptime with zero downtime.

Did you hear about Serverwala Cloud Data Center? If you do not know about this web hosting company then you miss the best web hosting provider. As Serverwala Cloud Data Center provides high uptime in VPS Hong Kong in very cheap plans and packages. 

In this article, you get to know about the benefits of the HK VPS Server that Serverwala provides in cheap plans and packages.

About High Network Uptime

In this section, you get to know about the meaning of uptime. Now for example, if your business website is getting high traffic and it takes time in loading. It means your website can handle high traffic and it results in decreasing the performance of the website. Hence, it can be said that it increases the downtime of the website. 

Moreover, network uptime indicates how your website performs in a worst-case scenario. If you want that your business website gets high uptime you should choose VPS Hong Kong. Even during high traffic, your website loads within the seconds. 

To make this more clear, high uptime provides a better user experience and it also helps in increasing the conversion rate of the business website. Moreover, it also improves the Google search engine ranking. 

Serverwala provides the High Uptime in Hong Kong VPS

As already discussed in the above sections, there are many web hosting companies that provide uptime in their plans and packages. However, Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the one that provides a high uptime of 99.90% with zero downtime in VPS Hong Kong. They are known for giving the best uptime in the business market. As they are providing VPS Server service in 21+ countries with 56+ worldwide data centers. Therefore, you can target your location for your website. 

You can also take the help of the Serverwala’s team in managing the server if you opt for Managed VPS Hosting. In the Managed VPS Hosting, you also get a high uptime in its Cheap VPS Hong Kong plans and packages.

Benefits of using Serverwala’s HK VPS Server

HK VPS Server

Below, are some of the benefits that Serverwala provides in VPS Hong Kong along with 99.90% Uptime. 

High Uptime

The first and prime feature of Serverwala is to provide a high uptime of 99.90% with zero downtime. They also provide continuous secure channels with high redundant power. With them, you get high-tech network flexibility with robust security. Therefore, it shows that they are best in providing high uptime in HongKong VPS. 

Seamless Performance

With the Serverwala in VPS Hong Kong, you get high performance for your business website. They also provide robust hardware tools with a secured network. You won’t be able to get high speed for your website if you choose shared hosting.

If you host multiple websites on the shared hosting, it reduces the performance of the websites. If you choose VPS hosting, to host multiple websites on the server, you always get high performance for your business websites.  

Unlimited Bandwidth

If you choose Serverwala as your web hosting platform, you are provided with unlimited bandwidth and 100% SSD Disk Storage in HongKong VPS. Serverwala provides unlimited bandwidth in its cheap plans and packages. This allows a website to run faster as the bandwidth and storage space is unlimited. Therefore, the traffic rate on the website increases.

High Speed

Serverwala’s Hong Kong VPS Server provides the ultimate band of network with secure connections that provide you a 20X faster network connectivity experience. They also ensure that their clients should get 1 GBPS high network speed. High speed is provided in their Cheap VPS Hong Kong packages and plans. If your website is getting high speed, you also get a better user experience. Your website’s traffic increases if your users have a good experience. Consequently, this results in a better ranking for Google.


If you want high speed and high uptime for your business website, then you should choose VPS Hong Kong from the Serverwala Cloud Data Center. Their cheap plans and packages are known for their high-quality equipment and customer service.

If you choose Serverwala as your web hosting provider in VPS hosting, you soon start getting a high peak in traffic and high conversion rates. It also increases Google’s search engine ranking. 

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