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How To Make Your Eyebrows Appear Thicker?

Full, thick eyebrows are all the rage right now. And while some people are blessed with naturally luxurious brows, others (like me) need a little help to get that bold look. From pencils to powders to gels and beyond, there are plenty of ways to give your brows that extra pop! Let’s dive into the steps you can take at home to achieve fuller-looking eyebrows. Also read this interesting blog: Most Beautiful Women in the World

Use a pencil.

Eyebrows are naturally thinner on the ends, and a pencil will help you get them to look more like you want them to look. The best way to do this is by finding a brow pencil that matches your hair color and eyebrow color. If you want a thicker eyebrow, use an eyebrow pencil that has the same texture and thickness as your eyebrows.

If you are going for an even more dramatic look, use two different shades of colored brow powder (one shade lighter than your natural brow color).

Use a powder.

You can also use a powder to make your brows look thicker. In fact, I prefer using a powder over a pencil or gel because it’s so easy to apply and remove. Just follow these steps:

Use the same color of eyebrow product as you do for your hair color.
Choose an arch shape that suits your face shape, but don’t go too big! It will make it look fake and unnatural. A good rule of thumb is that if you have very thick eyebrows, then try going for something more angular—that means they come down in an “L-shape” instead of straight across at the end (like mine). It might not seem like much but trust me when I say this little trick makes all the difference!

Use a pomade.

A pomade is a wax-based product that can be used to keep your eyebrows in place, and it is also good for filling in sparse areas. It can be used to shape your brows or just fill in the gaps where you have overplucked or had some hair fall out. If you are using a pomade, make sure to brush it into the hairs with a spoolie brush before applying it as this will help them stand up straighter.

Use an eyebrow gel.

If you’ve got a wide-set face, it’s even more important to keep your eyebrows in check. Use an eyebrow gel to help keep them in place and fill in any sparse areas that might make your brows look too light against your hairline. An eyebrow gel will also help keep them looking groomed and well cared for throughout the day, so there’s no need to worry about unruly hairs sticking up after lunchtime meetings.

Stop plucking hairs from the middle of your brows.

If you’re pulling hairs from the middle of your brows, stop. This can make them look thinner and patchy and cause holes to form in their place. Instead, pluck hairs at the edges and corners of your brows where they need a little extra volume. You can also use a makeup spoolie or tiny brush to comb through unruly hairs so they grow back in more orderly fashion!

Remove stray hairs.

You can remove stray hairs with tweezers and other methods, but the best method is to do it while you’re showering. Here are some tips:

If your eyebrows are sparse, you may want to trim them first with scissors or an electric trimmer before removing stray hairs.
Use a small handheld mirror and look at your eyebrows from every angle while showering. This will help you see all the stray hairs better so that you can grab and pull them out when needed.
To remove excess hair, use a face scrub in circular motions on your eyebrows after a warm shower. Then rinse off with lukewarm water, pat dry with a towel, apply moisturizer (with SPF if possible), then let air-dry for five minutes before applying makeup if desired.*If none of these work—or if they makes things worse—try sleeping on cotton balls overnight!

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