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Treating A Crossbite With Invisalign

A misalignment of the upper jaw and the lower jaw is known as a crossbite. Far while having a crossbite may be painful and uncomfortable now, it has the potential to lead to even more significant dental disorders in the future, such as gum disease. In the past, the only technique to cure a crossbite was to utilise conventional metal braces. Today, there are other treatment options available. On the other hand, you may begin the process of correcting your crossbite in a method that is unobtrusive, pleasant, and effective by using Invisalign in Manchester. Please take notice of the following information on your disease and how we may assist you in treating it invisalign braces manchester.

What Is an Example of a Crossbite?

The upper teeth should be slightly in advance of the lower teeth when they are correctly align. A crossbite is a misalignment of the top and lower teeth that occurs while the mouth is shut. The following are some of the warning indicators of a crossbite invisalign braces manchester:

  • Frequent discomfort in the teeth
  • Headaches
  • Experiencing discomfort when biting and chewing
  • Jaw troubles

Invisalign Aligners for the Treatment of a Crossbite.

Clear aligners such as invisalign braces manchester are use to treat the majority of different forms of crossbites, although they are at their best useful when treating instances of minor misalignment. The first step in getting aligners is having an initial consultation with a dentist. During this appointment, the dentist will take 3D photos of the patient’s mouth and may show the patient before and after photographs of how the patient’s smile will be alter. The patient will get a set of customise aligners that have been made to perfectly fit their teeth after a treatment plan has been devise and agree upon by both the patient and the treating dentist invisalign braces manchester.

The almost undetectable transparent aligners provide the patient with a covert choice for undergoing the alignment treatment process. Before moving on to the next set of aligners, patients typically wear the previous set for five to seven days. The sets are designe to gradually bring the teeth into the correct alignment while also straightening them.

When treating crossbites, how long does Invisalign take?.

The severity of the patient’s crossbite will determine how long the Invisalign treatment would need to be administer. After the 3D imaging has been complete at the first consultation with the Invisalign dentist in Manchester, some further time is require so that the aligner trays may be fabricate.

One week is spent using each pair of aligners. The total number of trays that are sent will determine the total number of weeks that the patient will be require to wear the aligners. When treating moderate instances of bite misalignment with Invisalign, the treatment might take as little as three months to get the desired results. If you have a severe case of crossbite, your Invisalign treatment might extend for up to a year and a half.

The Potential Benefits of Treating a Crossbite with Invisalign Aligners.

When it comes to the treatment of crossbites, Invisalign provides a contemporary option that many patients find to be superior to traditional metal braces. Patients often opt to use Invisalign to treat crossbites for many reasons, including the following:


The user of traditional braces must cope with metal wires, brackets, and elastics, all of which contribute to the braces’ unpleasant nature. This is one of the traditional braces’ most significant negatives. The pressure that is connecte with the pulling action that conventional braces use may also be quite painful. The treatment with Invisalign is completely painless since the aligner trays only exert a little amount of pressure on the teeth and jaw to gradually move them into the appropriate position.


Traditional braces are sometimes cumbersome. Invisalign aligners are almost undetectable because they are transparent. As a result, the user may smile with complete confidence, knowing that others cannot see the devices on their teeth. Adults who are actively employee and who are engage in professional contexts often find this therapy choice to be preferable because of its more discretion.

It is simple to clean

In contrast to traditional orthodontic appliances, Invisalign trays do not include any metal wires or brackets in which food might get lodge. In addition, to effectively remove food particles while wearing braces, one will need to make adjustments to their flossing technique and invest in specialist floss threaders. The patient is allow to take the aligner trays out to eat and brush their teeth, but they should wear them for the full 22 hours per day.

Because of this, the patient can clean their teeth in the same manner that they always have, without having to make any adjustments to the way that they regularly floss or wash their teeth, as they would have to do if they had braces. After being remove, the orthodontic aligners should be soak in water regularly.

Enhances self-confidence

Teeth that are not properly aligne may harm a person’s look as well as their confidence. The patient’s look is enhance, the patient’s smile is restore, and the patient feels more confident after having a crossbite correct. By using a discreet technology like Invisalign, the patient can address their crossbite in a way that is as unobtrusive as is humanly feasible.

Adjusted to perfection

Invisalign trays are manufacture to the patient’s exact specifications using 3D photos capture during the first consultation. These trays are then sent to the patient. This enables the trays to fit firmly over the patient’s teeth so that the smile may be progressively transforme and the teeth can be move into the correct alignment.

Wrapping Up 

As a multi-specialty clinic with over decades of expertise, we can help you with any dental condition all in one place. After taking a 3D scan of your teeth at a dental appointment, we’ll be able to recommend the best treatment plan for you. We’ll also go through the Invisalign cost in Manchester and length of treatment with you. Now is the time to get in contact with us. Schedule your free consultation today! 

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