Top Courses To Pursue In Lucknow


Education is the basic root system that helps you become who you are in this competitive world. It forms the basis of everything in life and taking the right step at the right time is so essential. After 12th comes one of the biggest decisions that every student has to take. You need to choose the best course that fits all the dimensions of a perfect career.

It must align with your interest and passion , it should be something that never leaves you with boredom when you wake up to do it daily. Lucknow is a great city in India for pursuing your education in various streams and coming out with flying colors. 

A degree in technology and management / engineering – 

Engineering is the most sought after profession since years now. With a million opportunities for further studies both national and abroad , great job placements right after graduation and the flexibility in career paths this is a good choice.

Now with so many different main streams like CS , ECE , BS-MS ,ME and other types of engineering it opens gates to many jobs. There are also pure science degrees in physics , math and engineering for higher academia purposes. There are also dual degrees that give more exposure and an amalgamation of various subjects to give you the edge you need. 

Some of the best colleges you can study in Lucknow are – 

  • IIT Lucknow
  • Integral University , Lucknow
  • Babu Banarasi Das University , Lucknow 
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology , Lucknow 

Medical –

 50 years ago and even today too , this profession is still booming and is always in demand. Lucknow is a great place to pursue medicine after working hard for 2 years and maybe even longer to get a high score in the entrance exam. With top notch faculty and extensive equipment , this place is good for both MBBS and higher studies too. Some of the best medical colleges to pursue would be – 

  • King George’s Medical University , Lucknow
  • University of Lucknow , Lucknow
  • Lucknow’s Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences

B.A , B.Com Degrees – 

 A common program of study that most people take who aren’t very fond of science is this. It paves a path for many commerce related courses like CA , MBA and other corporate jobs. Apart from that, few people like to do humanity related degrees that help in scoring great government jobs like UPSC , Groups that test your general awareness and knowledge. This is no lesser than the above stated and holds its own value. Some great places to study this in Lucknow are – 

  • Amity University , Lucknow
  • Isabelle Thouburn College , Lucknow
  • University of Lucknow 

Hospitality / Hotel Management –

 One of the most sought after professions these days that doesn’t come under the mainstream line of career choices back in the day. It deals with many options such as Culinary Management , Hotel Management , Bakery and Confectionary , Travel and Tourism. The plus about this course is its flexibility. You can pursue this right after 12th , i.e , undertaking it as a UG program. Otherwise you can do it as a part time or after your UG as a diploma or certification course. If interested , you can even do M.Sc in this area of study. A practical course that tests your communication skills and many other soft skills , this is definitely a career option one should undertake.

Some of the best colleges to study in Lucknow are – 

  • Institute of Hotel Management , Lucknow
  • Amity University , Lucknow 
  • Babu Banarasi Das University , Lucknow

 Bachelor’s / Masters in Management –

 One of the most common post graduation programs that many prefer because of its high paying jobs and also a path to tread on into the corporate world. It gives you exposure to many opportunities , meet new professors both national and international to gain knowledge and socialize with a new bunch of friends / classmates who come from different backgrounds. Each one has their own part and much to offer to a B – School. Let it be undergrad or postgrad , this degree is sure to never make you feel bored. With many internships , group and individual projects , placements , fests and meets year round this is going to be a myriad of memories. Some of the most reputed colleges are there in Lucknow to pursue this degree and I will be noting down a few. 

  • University of Lucknow 
  • Indian Institute of Management , Lucknow
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management  

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