Top 5 UK Universities Offering MBA Programs

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular postgraduate business degrees. If you are looking to advance your career in business and move into a management role, an MBA may be the right choice for you. An MBA will not only give you a broader understanding of business but also add value to your CV and open up career opportunities. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 UK universities offering MBA programs. An MBA from a Top University will help you gain acceptance into its program with little or no interview, and have greater chances of receiving funding for it. Moreover, if you’re looking forward to working in an industry that requires formal certification and licensure, getting an accredited degree from a top-ranked school can help your job prospects immensely.

The participating universities offering MBA program

MBAs are offered by London Business School, Imperial College Business School, Rotman School of Management, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Manchester.

London Business School

Established in 1953, London Business School (LBS) is a top-ranked business school in the UK. LBS graduates thrive in a variety of professions, including business, government, education, and the arts, among others. LBS has two campuses – one in London and the other in the neighboring town of Chertsey. MBA programs, including a three-year continuous MBA program, are offered at LBS. MBA students may also study abroad through LBS’s Exchange Partnerships.

Imperial College Business School

Students studying for an MBA at the Imperial College Business School gain the knowledge and information they need to succeed in business and in everyday life in general. Studying in one of the world’s busiest cities, London, or connecting with key sectors and partners are just two of the many options available. Students may complete the program in two years by combining face-to-face classes and online learning. For those interested in applying, deadlines vary by academic year, although some programs have rolling admissions.

Rotman School of Management

Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is a highly regarded MBA program. Professionals and students who cannot study full-time can receive either a Full-time MBA or a Part-time MBA at the school. Students may study for either a Full-time MBA or a Part-time MBA at the school’s Toronto campus or online. Applicants with a TOEFL score and a GMAT score who speak a foreign language may apply for the MBA program. On-campus or online MBA study is available.

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Business School (EBS) is a top-ranked business school in the UK and offers a Full-time and Part-time MBA program. EBS University offers both a full-time and an Executive MBA program at its Edinburgh, Scotland, headquarters. Those wishing to change professions or climb the corporate ladder may obtain an MBA degree. Senior-level managers who seek career advancement but are unable to commit to a full-time MBA program may enroll in the Executive MBA program. Students may choose their course of study and class schedule at EBS, which offers a variety of entry routes and a welcoming environment.

University of Cambridge

Those without prior experience in business or management may pursue a Full-time MBA degree at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School. Judge University provides a Part-time Executive MBA program for experienced professionals who want to further their careers. The program is offered on Judge’s main campus in Cambridge, England, or online, and the full-time program is taught. Judge also offers a variety of MBA pathways for students interested in pursuing specific MBA specialisms.

University of Manchester – Manchester MBA

Students at Manchester Business School may pursue an MBA degree either as an undergraduate or as a graduate students. Students may choose from a range of entry options and study in a flexible learning environment. MBS provides a variety of entry options and allows students to choose the course they wish to study and the frequency with which they would like to take courses.


You may gain quick admission to a top university’s MBA program and have increased chances of obtaining funding if you have an MBA from a prestigious university. In addition, if you want to work in a field that requires formal certification and licensure, getting a degree from a prestigious university may help you tremendously in terms of job prospects. MBA programs are available at a wide range of UK universities, in addition to the ones mentioned above. An MBA may be the ideal option for you if you want to enhance your employability and advance your career.

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