Ten steps to buy a new car at the best price

We assume that you have already decided on the car you want to buy (if you have not done so yet, we recommend you visit our buying guides).

Now comes the moment of truth, get it at the best price.

This quick guide can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You will also have the feeling of having the most controlled car buying process until you close the final deal.

Step 1: Set goals

After doing your research to determine the car that best suits your needs, you’ll also have an idea of ​​what to pay for it. Buying a car is a big investment, so it’s great to know you’re buying it at the right price.

When you know the car you want to buy, with the options you have chosen, it is time to determine a target price to pay . Let’s see how to do it:

Step 2: Incentives and discounts

Today’s new car market is hotly contested and competitive .

Many cars are for sale with attractive incentives for you to choose a particular model. Beware, because sometimes the cars with the best incentives are the ones that don’t sell very well on their own.

An incentive will give you one more reason to buy a particular car. Often it’s a cash discount, increased equipment, or low-interest financing. A car may be on sale for 25,000 $, but the manufacturer offers a 4,000 discount to the customer.

In another example, a car of 25,000 $ financed for five years at 6% would have a monthly payment of approximately 535 $. With 0% financing, the payment would be about 461 $. That represents a saving of 4,400 $, for example.

How to locate brands with promotions?
You will see them both on television ads, in newspapers and on motoring news portals like this one. But take a good look at the fine print. Many times they do not apply to all versions or all engines.

Also keep in mind that there are sometimes hidden incentives paid to dealers to boost sales of certain cars. Check that these incentives are offered for the car you want to buy.

Collect all that information (eye, it’s not always easy to know) and see if it pays off.

Step 3: Price of the car
Car dealers always point to the ” manufacturer’s recommended price ” of a car as the amount you have to pay for it. Fake. The dealer sells the car for less than that price. They play with their commercial margin to take that sale and not the

How to know how much to pay? How much to pay for it? The new cars section of is the best tool for this, because it offers the best offer that can be found in all of UAE.

Best Cars to Buy

Those prices do not include the optional ones, but you know more or less how far the seller can push. Keep in mind that, at that price, you sometimes have to add transport and management costs. And that may include the obligation to finance with the brand.

The incentives and bonuses that you had researched are already included in that final price. If you are going to need to finance your car, you can use the car financing tool to find the lowest interest on the car loan.

Step 4: How to find the car

Now you should have a concrete idea of ​​the car you want to buy: make, model, level of equipment , options and colors. The more flexible you can be on these features, the more range of cars you will find for sale. And that will give you additional bargaining power. If you only want a model in a specific color, it will be more difficult for you to get a good deal. Why? You will have to pay the price that the dealer tells you… or try to locate another identical vehicle.

In any case, locating the car you are looking for is easier with the Internet . At, when applying for a new car, you will receive information on which dealership offers the best price in all of UAE… and the one with the best offer in your province (or the closest one). The dealer will contact you and that’s when your bargaining power kicks in. An example “I’m looking for a diesel UAE, I don’t care about the color, but I do want it to have a sunroof”. The vendor will check his inventory and call you back. When several dealers offer you the same car, you will be in a better position to make a good deal.

Another helpful tip: Write down all the information about each vehicle you locate, including color, options, and dealer name. This will save you time as you continue through the checkout process.

Step 5: Internet vs Buying a car the traditional way

Make no mistake about it: the Internet saves time , travel, complications… and it will also save you money. However, there are still people who believe that buying a car is too big an investment to do remotely.

When you go to the dealer, analyze the seller : Do you feel well treated? Are they impatient and aggressive or are they relaxed and open? If you ask them about the availability of a vehicle…


By answering these questions you should know whether or not you want to buy from that seller. Set a day to test drive the car you want to buy , best when the dealership isn’t too busy (a weekday morning, weekday). But do not feel obligated to buy the car, simply because you have all the necessary documentation with you or because you liked it a lot in the test.

Step 6: If you plan to sell your old car

If you’re thinking of selling your old car to a dealer , chances are you won’t get as much of an offer on a new car as you would have if you had sold it yourself to a private individual. However, this saves you problems, as well as saving time and headaches if you are not very knowledgeable.

A tip: If it is very important for you to obtain the maximum value for your car , ask several dealers of the brand you want and ask for offers. Tell the seller that your purchase of a new car depends on how much you get for your old car. Sometimes the extra effort involved in getting competitive offers is less than what it would take to sell the car yourself.

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