Start a Job You Love in Martial Arts

If you’ve been a martial arts practitioner for and thoroughly enjoy it as a hobby, you might consider turning to martial arts as a career. This may not seem practical, but with some time and dedication, you can find a job you love and enjoy introducing others to martial arts. Read on to learn how in this article from

Possible Positions

First, you should think about possible positions in the martial arts field. You may have to start out slowly with a part-time job and work up into a full-time position. You could become an instructor or coach, a program director or dojo, or even open your own studio. Other possibilities include promoting the martial arts through a blog or selling martial arts supplies. Choose something that fits your skills and current time and budget constraints.

Benefits of a Martial Arts Career

If you’re still hesitant about going down this path, consider the benefits of a martial arts career. For one thing, you’ll be doing something you love. You’ll also have a chance to introduce martial arts to many people, young and old, and of all skill levels. This can be extremely satisfying. Over time, you can even make a good living in the martial arts field.

Boosting Your Skills

Perhaps this is now sounding pretty good to you, and you’re wondering how to get started. First, boost your skills. If you want to become a dojo, coach, or instructor, you need to be at the top of your game. Take special training, and practice continually. Also, build your teaching skills. It’s one thing to know how to do something, but you must also be able to teach others clearly and effectively. Make sure your business skills are up to par, too, if you’re starting your own studio.

Networking Effectively

Networking is an important tool in searching for a martial arts job. Get to know instructors and dojos, and ask them to suggest open positions or to offer advice on how you can prepare to join their ranks. If you want to open a business, talk to other business owners and learn the best procedures.

Updating Your Resume

Finally, make sure that your resume is completely up-to-date. You can use a free resume builder to help you create a professional resume that will impress potential martial arts employers. Select a template, and customize it with your own text, images, and colors.

Also, be sure that your resume includes all your training, accomplishments, skills, and experience. You should be as thorough as possible. Since most templates are PDFs, you can use a PDF editor to make your changes. Just upload and edit your document. Then download it, and share it in this easy-to-use format.

Your Martial Arts Career

A martial arts career might be just right for you. So learn about positions and benefits, then start building skills, networking, and updating your resume. Finally, prepare to love your work.

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