Replays Snowboard Cross of Women in winter Olympics at day 5

Best Snowboarding Moments of the 2022 Winter Olympics are Relive.

The final ride to Chloe Kim’s repeat From Shaun White’s here were the best snowboarding moments in Beijing at the winter Olympics on day 5.

For the 2022 Winter Olympics, Team USA finished in an unhabitual spot in the snowboarding medal standings.

The United States had either won the most or finished entering the Beijing Games, at each Olympics, tied for the most snowboarding medals since the sport debuted in 1998.

That series always come to an end in Beijing.

The United States claimed four total snowboarding medals, which means three golds and one silver medal, for the second-most, which was tied, with Austria. For the most golds, the U.S. and Austria; were tied but, by Canada, were edged out for the most medals with six in which one gold, one silver, and four bronze medals have consisted.

In Beijing, Despite the subpar performance overall of Team USA, there were still several exciting snowboarding moments.

At the sport’s best highlights, from the final ride of Shaun White to Chloe Kim repeat and more, here is a look back from the Winter Games.

In Beijing, USA Team’s first medal came from an unexpected source.

The United States had a strong chance; to medal on day 2 of the Games, with Jamie Anderson going for a three-peat in, slopestyle of women.

On her second run, Julia Marino scored an 87.68, in the first place, which was initially good enough to put her.

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