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Oral vaccine boosts COVID immunity

Corona virus is a virus that causes respiratory illnesses in humans. It is called corona because it has spikes on its surface which look like crowns. The intensity of these illnesses can range from mild to severe, and death. It can cause lung problems like pneumonia, ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), and sepsis. These can harm lungs and the other organs to a great extent and for a long period of time.  But, having a strong immunity can save you from this deadly virus. To make your immunity strong there are oral vaccines available.

The effect of Covid-19 varies from body to body. Some bodies get mild to moderate symptoms which can be treated without hospitalization. However, some bodies get severe reactions which cannot be treated without being hospitalized. These can eventually lead to death.

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More about COVID

·        Its impacts on human health

Covid-19 has significantly affected the health of humans around the globe. It had various negative impacts on human health, some of which are:

Lung damage

It is the major harm caused by corona virus. It caused severe illnesses in the respiratory tract of humans. This leads to lung damage and breathing problems which eventually paved the way to death. As the Covid-19 pneumonia advances, the air sacs get flooded with the fluid that leaks from tiny blood vessels present in the lungs. Due to this, there is a shortness of breath which causes ARDS. Since the whole human respiratory system depends on lungs, they get affected the most as compared to the other organs of the body. Oral vaccines help your body to stay safe from this.


In almost all the patients that suffered from Covid-19, there appears a major weakness evident in their bodies. Their bodies do not function as good as they did before. They become weak and lazy. They witness pain in their bones and muscles when they force their bodies to function. This made them vulnerable to death. This is all because once the body gets weak; it takes months to get back to its healthy state. Having a strong immunity would save you from this. The oral vaccines boost your immunity to fight such diseases. Those who were physically healthy and fit before the covid-19 attacked them, remained successful in recovering themselves.

Organ damage

There is nothing wrong in calling Covid-19 a deadly disease. Once a patient suffers from this disease, their recovery seems difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. The reason is that it causes an intense weakness in the organs. It deteriorates the health of the overall human body. Even a minor heart attack proves deadly to them.

  • Impacts on human behavior

Depression and anxiety

During the up rise of Covid-19, mental health of humans got majorly affected due to the isolation period. There are many problems that occurred in this period like; loss of people, loss of income and employment, isolation, and fear of the disease. Those who used to took oral vaccines to manage their immunity remained safe from this virus and its impacts. The others, who did not take any such medication, suffered a lot. These all triggered mental health to a great extent causing severe depression anxiety. The people, who were well and normal, were witnessed having mental health issues. Increased use of drugs, insomnia and anxiety became common in this time.


Due to the increased levels of depression and anxiety, anger was caused in humans. They became aggressive because of staying away from their loved ones. The quarantine period proved to be difficult to spend without getting to spend time with their families. This has made people vulnerable to high levels of frustration which then led to anger issues. The ones who used to take immunity boosting medicines like oral vaccines did not have to suffer. But, those who did not, suffered from Covid-19 were more likely to face anger issues as they had weakness in their bodies as well as their brains.

Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle refers to the type of lifestyle which is led by couch potatoes. They lack any type of physical activity. These people just stay lying on either a sofa or bed the whole day watching TV or using any gadget. This is an unhealthy lifestyle which must be avoided at all costs. Since, during corona virus spread around the globe, lockdowns were followed. As a consequence of this lockdown situation, going to gyms and outdoor activities were totally restricted. Sedentary lifestyle has been practiced by many of the people during this deadly disease period. All they did was to watch movies and play video games staying at home. Even, after having dinner or lunch, they would just lay in beds whole day. When there will be zero physical activity, how can a person stay healthy? There is no chance obviously! This affected massively on the physical health of humans.

Weak socializing

Staying in isolation and not talking to anyone face to face is not an easy thing to do. Physical meet-ups were prohibited as a result of lockdown situation practiced world-wide. This made people weak to socialize with one another. Smart phones were the only things to rely on during this difficult time. All the communications were carried out through them. But, no being able to physically meet and spend time with their loved ones disturbed people a lot. This is one of the reasons why their mental health worsened.

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