The Best Way to Make Gel Nails at Home

In this post, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your nails look like they were done by a salon professional right in the comfort of your own home. You’ll save money and time—and who doesn’t love those two things?

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Steps to a Manicure

A manicure is a treatment that improves the appearance of your nails. Nails are an important part of how you present yourself to others, and many people get manicures for this reason. Manicures can help keep your nails healthy, which makes them look better. They also make it easier to apply nail polish correctly, as well as other nail treatments like gel nails or acrylic nails.

Here’s what a manicure consists of:

Prep – The first step in getting a great-looking manicure is preparing the surface of your natural nail. This includes removing any old polish from both your natural and artificial nails, pushing back cuticles with a clipper (or even just pushing them back manually), filing down the top edge of each nail so that it’s smooth and even with its neighbor (this will help prevent chips), and buffing out any rough spots on either type of nail so they’re nice and smooth too!

First, prep your nails.

Now, prep your nails. Use a nail buffer to remove any ridges and smooth the surface of your natural nail. Then use a #0000 steel file to shape the tip of your nail (if desired).

Next, push back cuticles with an orange wood cuticle stick or scrubbed toothbrush dipped in warm water. (Alternatively, you can soak them in acetone for five minutes.)

Next, apply the base coat.

Next, apply the base coat. If you are using a gel nail polish that contains a base coat, skip this step. Otherwise, apply it like any regular nail polish. Let it dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Then, apply your gel polish color.

Apply only a thin layer of gel polish, and don’t let it dry at all. If you apply too much polish your nails will be too thick and won’t look natural or feel good against your skin (it will also take longer for your real nails to grow out). Apply enough so that the color is evenly distributed across each nail, but not so much that there is excess product on the surface of your nails. In general, one coat of gel polish should do fine! However, if you’re applying two coats make sure they are very thin and even in consistency between them (otherwise it could cause bubbles or streaks).

Also note that if you have thick fingers/toes like me then you may need an extra coat at this point because each finger does not get enough coverage with just one coat of polish – especially when using thinner brushes instead of sponges which can hold more liquid per inch than other applicators.

Finally, apply your topcoat and cure the polish.

Once you’ve applied the tacky layer, it’s time to cure the polish. This can be done in a few different ways:

UV LED lamp – The most common way to cure gel nail polish is with a UV LED lamp. These lamps typically cost between $30-$50 and last for years if properly taken care of. The curing process takes about two minutes per hand for a single coat of color and five minutes per hand for two coats of color. For thicker nails, it may take longer than usual. Because there’s more surface area that needs to be dried thoroughly before applying another coat.
UV gel light or torch – While some people like using these options because they’re portable and inexpensive ($5-$10), others think they’re ineffective. Because they don’t get as hot as larger units produced by reputable brands like Gelish or OPI (the latter being my personal favorite). They also tend not to last very long. If you’re looking into getting one just go ahead and invest in an actual lamp instead!

You can have nails that look like you just came from a salon, but for less money!

If you’re tired of spending money at the nail salon, then this is the post for you. I’m going to show you how to do your own gel nail polish at home and save money while doing it. Gel nail polish lasts longer than regular polish. So if you want long-lasting manicures that don’t chip or fade away quickly, then gel nails might be right up your alley.

Gel nails are more expensive than regular nail polishes because they require an extra step in the process. Curing them under an LED light (or UV lamp) after applying them on your fingers or toes. This helps them cure faster and makes sure no moisture gets trapped inside of them which could cause staining on your natural skin around the cuticles. Thus, when exposed to sunlight over time – making them last longer than average polish would otherwise last without any special care taken into consideration before application occurs.


With these tips, you’ll be able to give yourself a great gel manicure in the comfort of your own home. These are just some of the basics, but once you get the hang of it. There are many different colors and designs you can try out. You can do so much more with nails now than ever before! I hope you enjoy creating beautiful nails as much as I do.

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