The land of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful tourist destination.It is nestled high in the lush green Himalayan range and is celebrated across the world for its mesmerizing beauty. Bordering mountain peaks,mesmerizing valleys,twinkling dals,Nigeen and Wular lakes/rivers,the spectacle of spiritually inclined temples and gardens with Mughal architecture have been promising tourist destinations for all these years.Srinagar,the capital of this union territory,is like a beautiful painting.You must visit Kashmir once in a lifetime and we are here for you to help you with that.You just need to pack some warm clothes and be ready to experience the beauty of Kashmir.Be it a shikara ride in Dal Lake,or exploring the Gulmarg Mountains,you can choose from our wide range of Kashmir tour packages that are precisely tailored to suit your needs.Kashmir is covered with poplar trees on its roads and wooden bridges.It also has markets,temples and forts. But to add to its allure is the flavor of Kashmiri cuisine,its Kashmiri apples


and of course it’s saffron and walnuts.In winter, Kashmir becomes like a white blanket as it is covered with snow.During summer,flowers bloom and it becomes a picturesque canvas of art.Kashmir will take you on a Sufi journey that has something for everyone.Be it mythological temples,foodies, adventure junkies,hill lovers and even those who just want to relax.


Kashmir is a travel destination that is on the wish list of every nature lover,adventure enthusiast,peace seeker and explorer.The beautiful destination is adorned with lush green valleys,colorful meadows,dense forests, majestic glaciers,dazzling lakes,snow-capped mountains and beautiful landscape which makes it a perfect holiday destination for all types of travelers.Apart from its alluring beauty,the place is also known for its Mughal-era architecture,rich culture and boutique houseboats. The summer capital is also a shopping hub and a land of adventure.


Not all fingers on your hand are the same. Similarly,we all have different likes and preferences. While some members of your family want a travel destination full of mountains and greenery. others want to go to a place where they can challenge their adrenaline rush and then there may be others who want to unwind on their vacation. And do nothing but praise Mother Nature. Travel to Kashmir is your answer!. Kashmir is a holiday destination that caters to every kind of traveler. whether it is a nature lover or photo enthusiast, adventure enthusiast or peace seeker, Kashmir has something for everyone. From lush green valleys to colorful meadows, thick forests, majestic glaciers, glistening lakes, snow-capped mountains and beautiful views. Kashmir never fails to entertain you and satisfy your urges. So hop on our 5 Nights 6 Days Kashmir Unaffiliated Itinerary and get more details now


A vacation in Srinagar, Kashmir reminds us of many unique things. A hot cup of kahwa,a relaxing shikara ride on the beautiful Dal Lake. A rejuvenating walk in the wonderful. Mughal Gardens, the picturesque landscapes of the city. The Great Himalayan Range and more. Snow-capped mountains, the immaculate natural beauty of the valley. The shopping fun at the popular Kashmiri markets, the winding rivers flowing through the cobbled streets. The dense coniferous forests of deodar, ail and deodar and much more. A trip to Srinagar will surely make you fall in love with the charm of this place. Our 5 Nights 6 Days Kashmir Offbeat Tour itinerary covers all the offbeat as well as fascinating sightseeing places in and around Srinagar. This includes visits to nearby places including Yusmarg, Dudhpathri, Aharbal and Daksum. The incomparable beauty of Kashmir will keep you enthralled during the journey. This will ensure that you come back home with snow-capped memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


One of the most beautiful cities of Kashmir is Srinagar. The summer capital is also a shopping hub and is famous for cashew and saffron. The name Sonmarg comes from “ground of gold”. Sonmarg’s charisma will mesmerize you instantly. Beautiful hills and lush greenery make up Pahalgam. From the climate to the mountains, from the snow to the bushes. every destination and every sightseeing will leave you spellbound.

. The city is like a picturesque painting. From the colors of the sky to the beautiful flowers. This is the perfect place to hang out and stay away from home.

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