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Waymo, the self-driving subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, has been quietly working on its driverless car technology for years. Recently, the company’s CEO John Krafcik sat down with Ars Technica to discuss the current state of autonomous driving, and Waymo’s role in leading the charge. interview waymo ceo arstechnica

In an interview with ArsTechnica, Waymo CEO John Krafcik talks about the development of autonomous vehicles and the future of transportation. Krafcik says that the company is making good progress on its technology and is confident that self-driving cars will be a reality in the near future. He also discusses the potential impact of autonomous vehicles on society and the economy, and how Waymo is working to ensure that its technology is safe and reliable. interview waymo ceo arstechnica

As autonomous vehicles become more prevalent, the question on everyone’s mind is when can we expect to see them on the road? In an interview with Arstechnica, Waymo CEO John Krafcik sheds some light on the company’s plans for the future. interview waymo ceo arstechnica

Krafcik says that while there is no specific timeline for when Waymo’s vehicles will be ready for public deployment, the company is making significant progress.

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