How to Make an Easy DIY Gift Card Box

The top 9 gift card packaging ideas for you. No more boring cases or the envelope for presenting these valuable vouchers because now you have the one. Everyone loves gift vouchers for remarkable eves like Christmas, Easter, and others, but most of you think giving them is dull and looks invaluable. But it is you who can make them worthy by showcasing them in the best manner. In the digital world, these ready-to-buy cards are the gift that every single people are looking for. If you still think gifting them is a dull idea, then stay tuned because this blog is for you. Here are the DIY gift card package ideas that will add value to the piece of cardboard or the gift coupons.  

Gift card With Heart 

This style of packing is best for presenting vouchers on wedding or valentines days. The Heart on the envelope shows how much you love and care for him or her. Let each fold tell the story of your love and treat your loved ones with a discount tag. All you need the following things

  • A cardboard sheet in any color 
  • Scissor 
  • glue

Follow the instruction to create the best pieces

  • Print out this template and cut the doll lie with scissors
  • Fold them, and here you are good to go

Origami Style Box 

Do you love to create various beautiful boxes? If yes, then why not create beautiful origami-style cases for the discount coupons because it will boost your gift’s values. Makin these cases are simple because all you need a little creativity. Get your hands on the following items:

  • Colored cardboard paper sheet
  • scissor 
  • follow the guidelines for Pinterest, and you are good to go

Fill the box with Easter papers or other beautiful filling and place the discount tags over it.

Pop-Out Gift Box

You have seen many boxes that are best for showcasing the exclusive vouchers and present them to your friend and family. Do not let your present disappear somewhere in the heap of other cases. Makes the cases that are wider and deeper and permits the space for a designer paper roll. So nothing is better than gift tags and chocolates. So surprise your teacher on teachers’ day or friend on his birthday with a pop-up card box.

Christmas Gift Card Holder

HO HO HO! Let the gift tags lift up your mood because it will give you freedom of choices. You can create these cases for any special event by choosing the right color scheme and design. It is the simplest type of box. For these charming cases you need the following things:

  • Red colors cardboard sheet or you can choose nay as per the event
  • Glitter foaming sheet
  • glue 
  • scissors

Uses these few items and creates the best holder for the cards but do not forget to write a beautiful message on it.

The Perfect Gift Carrier For you

It is the best carrier for your gift vouchers because it holds the tags and works as the greeting cards. Making them is so much fun, and everyone will love it. How to make this beautiful piece of art?

  • Get your hands on 4 x11 inches cardstock.
  • Sticky strips
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Follow the instructions:

  • get 4″ x 11 paper card
  • Fold them in half and also fold them along the other two lines.
  • You will get the 4×4″ tag.
  • Where the fold meets the place, a sticky tape to keep it together.
  • Take your gift tags and mark 2 sides.
  • Use window punch to make the opening in a tab to place vouchers. 
  • Stamp an inside piece
  • Place a beautiful ribbon on the pattern sheet.

Draw and Sleeves Gift Card Packaging

Why don’t you reuse the cardboard boxes that are lying in your cupboard or kitchen pantry? This creative idea will turn an ordinary case into the most useful one. For this, you need little time and creativity. Now collect all the things mentioned below

  • Small sizes draw and sleeves cases 
  • Some acrylic paints
  • Brushes 
  • Package inserts 

Create the holder:

  • Clean the box and make it ready for the paint
  • Remove the sleeve form the drawer
  • Paint both of them in any color of your choice 
  • Let it draw and paste greeting card on it
  • Fill the box with packing inserts of various colors and place the card on it

Box with a Lid

You must have some cardboard boxes that hold the jewelry or other small items. If yes, then it’s time to use them and create the perfect case for the discount tags. If you do not have any, you can buy them from any gift shop. Secure the box with the ribbon and paste stones on it make it more charming.

Egg shapes boxes With Pearl

This design is perfect for Easters gift vouchers. It does not only look elegant but also holds the tags in the best way. Making them is super easy all you need is :

  • Foaming sheet
  • Pearls
  • Ribbon 
  • Scissor 
  • Glues

Draw eggs on the foaming sheet and cut them with scissors. Secure the two egg shapes with glues. Do not forget to cut the one oval in half. Paste the pearls on it, and you are good to go.

Simple yet Elegant

Sometimes less are more. This type of gift card packaging will look sophisticated and boost the value of your vouchers. Take any simple plain white envelopes and paste the beautiful craft or handmade flower on them. In fact, you can pen down some beautiful message on it, and it will make the day of your loved ones.

Pack the card in Creative Way

Instead of placing the vouchers into an envelope why do you go for these ideas? For this you need the following supplies

  • Scissor
  • Cardstock
  • scissor
  • washi tape
  • Template

Start it by printing the case, inserts, and also tag out on cardstock. Once you get the printed sheet, cut the design with scissors, and assemble it.

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