What is hair fall & How to prevent it?

As the weather changes, hair fall becomes a common problem, which probably bothers every other person. There can be many reasons for hair loss, among which unhealthy lifestyle, pollution and excessive stress are among the main reasons. Nowadays, the problem of hair loss is being seen more in women. It is a matter of concern that most of the people consider hair loss and hair fall as the same problem. Whereas there is a big difference between hair fall and hair loss. Let us know what is the difference between hair fall and hair loss.

Difference between Hair fall & Hair loss

Hair fall is called hair fall whereas hair loss is hair loss. Hair regenerates in hair fall, whereas hair does not grow again in hair loss.

What is hair fall

In hair fall, 50 to 100 hairs are broken daily but new hairs also grow again.

  • Due to hair fall-
  • The first reason for hair fall is hormonal changes. Hair fall can be caused due to changes in hormones.
  • Using chemical hair products on the hair roots can also lead to hair fall.
  • Hair breakage also occurs due to lack of protein.
  • Using excessive heat in the hair also leads to the problem of hair fall.

What is hair loss?

Due to hair loss, a person’s hair starts breaking from the root. The worrying thing is that in this process the hair on the head does not grow again. Due to which the problem of baldness starts arising.

Reasons for hair loss-

Hair loss can occur due to not taking good care of hair.

Hair loss can also be due to genetic reasons.

Using dye, bleach and chemical color in the hair can also cause hair loss.

Hair loss can also occur due to serious diseases.

Lack of necessary nutrition in the body also creates the problem of hair loss.

How to prevent hair breakage?

Proper hair care is very important to prevent hair fall. For this, wash the hair at the right time and also apply oil. Massaging the hair with oil strengthens the hair and can reduce their breakage. Apart from this, include protein and green vegetables in the diet.

Winter is here and everyone is enjoying the winter. But what people are worried about. That is dryness of the skin and hair fall. In winter, hair suddenly starts falling more. You and I think this is happening because of the change of seasons. The truth is that it is not the effect of the weather, but the one we change our routine after the winter comes. Because of that, it affects our hair, due to which our hair starts falling more than normal days. Let us tell you that if you improve these habits, then our hair fall will reduce to a great extent.

As soon as winter comes, we start wearing caps to protect our heads from cold. Woolen cap protects us from cold, but also makes hair rough and lifeless. This causes hair breakage and hair fall. If the woolen cap is applied for a long time, the hair is not able to breathe and at the same time the moisture of the hair also decreases. In winter, try to use mixed wool fabric. This will reduce the breakage of your hair. Use Onion hair growth oil for quick results.

Avoid cold winds

Cold air blows a lot in winter. This reduces the natural moisturizer of the hair, which leads to hair breakage and hair fall. This is the reason why hair breaks more than the winter season. Try not to come in contact with very cold winds.

Washing hair with hot water

Everyone takes bath with hot water in winter, but you know that washing hair with hot water increases hair fall. Actually,. Washing hair with hot water reduces the natural moisture of the hair. Due to this the hair gets dehydrated, due to which hair breakage increases. For hair care in winter, wash the hair with cold water or lukewarm water, you will see that your hair fall has reduced.

Do not use heat tools To look stylish, girls often use heat tools in their hair. Stylish hairstyles are made by using heat in the hair, but heat causes a lot of damage to the hair. Using heat styling can cause hair damage, rough and lifeless hair, which leads to rapid hair fall. Minimize the use of heat styling in the hair and massage the hair with lukewarm coconut oil twice a week. Massaging the hair will reduce the roughness of the hair to a great extent.

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