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King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz.

Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud was born on Dec. 31, 1935, and has recently been in and out of the hospital. He is one of the“Sudairi Seven” sons born to King Abdul-Aziz bin Abdurrahman al Saud and Hassam bunt Ahmed al-Sedaris. His father was the Otf Merch and founder of Saudi Arabia. Salman became the seventh king of Saudi Arabia upon the death of his brother

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hismanal Bookish Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah ibis Al-Mar hum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Sabadell Khari Wadding Sultan and Yang di-Pertain of Brunei Darussalam is the 29th Sultan and Yang di-Pertain of Brunei Darussalam. He is the absolute king of Brunet Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III’s eldest son, Raja Istria (Queen) Pangram Ana Admit, ascended to the throne of Brunei after his father abdicated in 1967. Earnings from oil reserves and natural gas make up the majority of his net worth.,

The Sultan of Brunei’s first wife

was his cousin Princess Engrain Ana Saleh, who became queen. He then married Mariam Abdul Aziz, a former Royal Brunei Airlines flight attendant. The couple divorced in 2003 and the sultan had Mariam’s royal titles removed. His third marriage was to Malaysian TV3 presenter, Arians Masher Hakim. They divorced in 2010, and, as with Mariam Abdul Aziz, the sultan stripped Arenas

Princess Soamsawali, Vajiralongkorn’s cousin, wedded him the following year and gave birth to their daughter, Princess Bajrakitiyabha. He began an affair with Yuvadhida, an actress, during their marriage. Between 1979 and 1987, they had five children before marrying in 1994. Vajiralongkorn had disowned Yuvadhida and their four boys by 1996. Srirasmi, a lady-in-waiting, was the prince’s third wife, and their

son Prince Dipangkorn was born in 2022.

Vajiralongkorn married Subhead, a former Thai Airways flight attendant, just days before his coronation in 2019, and named her Queen Soothed Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya. King Vajiralongkorn announced his official consort, Maj. Gen. Syngenta Wongvajirapakdi, two months after his marriage to Queen Soothed. He didn’t name Air Force Chief Marshal that way.

The son of Prince Tall bin Abdul-Aziz and Mona El Sol, Awaked is also the grandson of Abdul-Aziz, the first king of Saudi Arabia, and of Read

Al Sol, Lebanon’s first prime minister. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California’s Menlo College, and a master’s in social science from New York’s Syracuse University. Awaked has been married and divorced four times. He and his first wife, Princess Della bent Saud, have two

children: Prince Khaled and Princess Ream

Prince Hans-Adam II studied business administration and economics at the University of St. Galen in Switzerland. In 1967, he married Countess Marie Kinks von Chintz und Tetanus. The royal couple has four children: Hereditary Prince Alloys, Prince Maximilian, Prince Constantine, and Princess Tatiana.

Prince Pavlov, the Crown Prince of Greece, is a descendant of Christian IX of Denmark, and son of the deposed King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece. And though Greece hasn’t had an official monarchy since the early 1970s, Marie-Chantel and Prince Palos maintain the titles, and some official duties, of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Palos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece.

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