Essential Mac Apps to Enhance the Use of the Platform

There’s a Mac app to simplify your life and streamline your tasks. Although Macs come with native applications, you may have to look at third-party apps to enhance your platform use.

Web browsers

The web browser is the app you’ll rely on the most on your Mac. The built-in browser is Safari, but if you are unsatisfied, you can install Google Chrome or Brave.

Millions like Chrome because it is a fast browser with a huge extension library. Brave, on the other hand, is a privacy-focused browser that blocks ads by default and prevents unwanted content from ruining your browsing experience.

Note-taking apps

Note-taking apps are tools that allow you to share your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues, clients, or friends. It saves you from forgetting your ideas, and you can quickly jot them down to use in the future. Some note-taking apps even allow users to collaborate on the same note.

The best apps to take notes on MacBook are Unclutter, SideNotes, MarginNote, MindNode, etc.

Productivity applications

Mac is a tool, and you must use it correctly to enhance productivity. You can install some applications to streamline your tasks and save precious time. For instance, Day One is an excellent Mac app that helps users collect their thoughts and add photos, audio notes, and videos to their entries. It even has an in-built tagging feature.

Fantastical is another excellent app that can help keep you focused. It is a time manager that can augment your time management skills. Use the app to keep your files organized and calendar on track.

App launcher and search tool

Spotlight and Finder do great as Mac’s in-built search tools and app launchers. However, these programs come with certain limitations you can overcome by installing Alfred.

Alfred is the best search tool and app launcher for Macs, and it continues to grow more powerful with every update. This app can find files and apps, search the web, view your clipboard history, control your Mac, etc. Furthermore, you can automate tasks, so you don’t waste time performing repetitive tasks.

Communication apps

Computers are one of the most excellent communication tools as it helps you stay connected with your near and dear ones globally. As long as you have an Internet connection and suitable applications, you can connect with anyone worldwide. You can even streamline your remote working schedule and keep in touch with your team members.

Some of the top communication apps you can install on your Mac are Skype and Zoom. For streamlining your work and enhancing team collaboration, install Slack. The app is a hybrid email, team chat, and document-sharing platform.

Work apps

If you work from home, you are well aware of the struggles of communicating and collaborating with your team. Fortunately, if you have some work applications installed on your Mac, you can enjoy remote working without a fuss.

For instance, your Mac must have Microsoft Office. Even though Google Docs is a good alternative, you would need PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Microsoft 365 is a professional platform for Mac users, and while you have to pay for this productivity suite, it is worth your money.

Are you a writer? If so, you need some writing tools installed on your Mac to enhance your work productivity. A great writing tool is Ulysses. You can use the app for long-form writing, taking notes, writing articles or blog posts, etc.

If you are a photographer and trying to make your mark in the industry, using the macOS native Photos application might not be enough. Instead, you must install Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or equivalent photo editors to give your images the professional edge they require to stand out from the rest.

Entertainment apps

Your Mac isn’t only for work; you can convert it into an entertainment platform by installing apps like VLC Media Player, Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, Steam, etc.

Unlike QuickTime, VLC allows users to play all kinds of videos and is a free video player. So, no matter what you throw at it, VLC can take almost anything.

If you are a music lover and listening to your favorite tracks gets you through your day, you can install Spotify and get a premium subscription. Unfortunately, Apple Music might not have what you need.

Watching movies on your Mac is fuss-free if you have Netflix or Disney+ installed on your system. Such OTT platforms are great for streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and more.

When you’re in the mood to pass your time playing games, you can go to Steam and download your favorite titles.

The Bottom Line

With these apps installed on your device, you can make the most use of the platform and turn your Mac into a tool that keeps you entertained while helping you complete your work.

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