Dota 2 Betting Tips

Dota 2 was released by Valve in 2013. Every year it becomes more and more popular. Major tournaments with impressive prize pools are held every year in this esports discipline. In essence, Dota 2 is a combination of role-playing games and strategy, that is, it is a multiplayer MOBA game.

Dota 2 competitions attract not only gamers but also bettors. Today, betting on this eSports discipline has become very popular. This is due to a large number of events, a variety of markets for betting on Dota 2, and high odds.

Working Dota 2 Betting Strategies

Betting on esports is not much different from betting on traditional sports disciplines. Here you can also apply strategies that will help you win more often and larger amounts. The most popular systems include:

  • Flat. The better needs to bet a certain amount on all events, not paying attention to the odds. The advantage of the system is stable and minimal risks of going into the red. The disadvantage is small profitability.
  • Martingale. The best strategy for those who have a large amount on deposit. The essence of the system is that the player covers all previous losses by doubling the bet after each unsuccessful bet.
  • Overdraft. An exclusive strategy used by bettors who understand picks and bans. The draft is what determines the course of the game and its results in Dota 2. Overdraft is suitable for betting when one team has completely covered the pick of the other.

To correctly predict events, a player needs to learn more about dota 2 betting tips, not to play all-in, and always conduct a detailed pre-match analysis.

Recommendations from experienced betters

There are no strategies that guarantee win-win eSports betting. But some important tips from the pros will help minimize the risks of losing your bankroll. The first thing a bettor needs to do is to choose a reliable bookmaker. Many professionals play on the Parimatch website. The main advantages of the bookmaker include:

  • a large selection of bets on eSports, the availability of bets on first blood in Dota 2;
  • many markers for important eSports tournaments;
  • generous bonuses for new clients;
  • accepting live bets;
  • availability of the cash-out function;
  • unique loyalty program;
  • the ability to bet on a PC and a mobile device.

After choosing a platform and registering, the better can log into the account and select a suitable event in the line. To make accurate predictions, it is necessary to conduct a pre-match analysis. This takes into account: the current form of the teams, the importance of the tournament and the size of the prize fund, and the results of previous games and face-to-face meetings. Successful betting requires knowledge of the rules, terminology, and features of the game. This will help not only accurately predict events, but also quickly find value bets. A beginner should not immediately bet large amounts, so as not to lose the entire bankroll at the start. It is better to start with the minimum limits and spend no more than 3-5% of the total deposit on one bet.

Dota 2 is a dynamic game, so it is quite suitable for live betting. Quotes here are volatile, they change very quickly, and therefore the better always has the opportunity to make a profitable bet. And thanks to the live broadcasts of the match, live betting becomes even more exciting.

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