Do You Think Lab Grown Diamond Rings Are Affordable?

Lab grown diamond rings often touted as an affordable alternative to traditional diamond rings, but. The reality they can still very expensive depending on the quality of the diamond itself. So do you think lab grown diamond rings affordable? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds might a new trend, but they exactly what most of us envision when we hear diamonds. And while they available in every jewelry store just yet, they growing more and more popular with each passing year. The lab-grown option takes an entirely different approach to. How a diamond created – and it’s often less expensive than a traditional stone. If you think that lab grown diamonds might for you, here’s a closer look at how they’re made. But first, let’s discuss why lab grown diamonds exist in the first place.

Over time, the pressure causes natural diamonds to form deep within Earth’s crust—but. There’s only so much pressure and heat to go around. That means there limits on how many natural stones can form before. Temperatures cool down too much or other pressures build up around them. For example, it takes 1 billion years for some. Natural stones to reach their full potential—and all those rocks already Found! So what happens when we run out of space for naturally formed gems? Enter lab grown diamonds!

How Are They Made?

Lab grown diamonds use a process called chemical vapor deposition. Which results in a synthetic stone with nearly identical chemical, physical and optical properties as a natural stone. In CVD, high-pressure carbon monoxide used to create diamonds at extremely high temperatures. They’re essentially engineered to superior properties to mined stones. If you want lab-grown gems, expect to pay somewhere between $400 and $800 per carat of diamond (about 20% more than conventional stones). One benefit of a lab-grown ring: It’s ethically sourced. There no issues with sweatshops or child labor involved in creating these gems.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

While a lot of people believe that lab grown diamonds and man-made diamonds exactly like real, mined diamonds. The truth both differences and it’s important to know about them before you consider buying one of these jewelry pieces. There much to explain when it comes to mined or natural diamonds. Natural or mined diamonds that come from. The ground will go through processes like cutting, polishing and so on. Most jewelry pieces today already come with their imperfections. But for lab grown diamond rings and man-made diamond jewellery. There’s a significant difference in how they’re created as well as their result quality compared to mined ones. Do You Think Lab Grown Diamond Rings Affordable?

Are They Worth It?

Indeed, lab grown diamonds cheap. For instance, a .5 carat lab grown diamond ring costs about $4,000 more than its mined counterpart. The benefit that it will never lose its shine and does not need to set with a prong; however, these differences do not apply to most couples shopping for engagement rings—80% of brides receive an engagement ring from their partner. Given that there little difference between mined and manmade diamonds for most couples, could lab-grown rings make jewelry more accessible? Or does their astronomical price tag keep them out of reach of most shoppers? Your turn: Do you think lab grown diamond jewelry worth it? Sound off in our comments section below!

There no question that lab grown diamond jewelry vastly different from what your grandparents received as wedding bands, but one thing has stayed constant: Diamonds symbolize everlasting love. While they may lost some lustre over time as innovations emerge, their symbolic meaning remains just as strong today as it was when De Beers first started running ads in 1938 (You might remember A Diamond Forever). 87% of American women value a love token over any other engagement gift. If given one by someone special, would you wear it every day?

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