Checklist of equipment to have for moving

As we know, moving is often a very stressful step, requiring a lot of financial and personal investment. Many questions then race through our heads: have I thought of everything? Have I opted for the most economical solution? How can I best organize myself? What solutions am I entitled to? It can then be useful to know the steps to follow so as not to be overwhelmed at the very last moment.

Have you found your future apartment or your new home? Now, you will have to anticipate your moving project so that, on D-Day, your installation in your new home goes smoothly and you are in a good mood. So what are the tools and materials needed to move? We give you a list of what you need for an obvious, clever, and stress-free move.

Equipment to prepare for the move

The essential moving boxes

As offered by professional movers, packing your belongings and personal effects in boxes of different sizes helps to avoid breakage or excessively heavy boxes. Its own box for each use: standard box for bulk, small boxes for books (very quickly heavy), wardrobe boxes for clothes, compartmentalized boxes for dishes and glasses, large solid box for TV or household appliances, etc..

  • Packaging and protection material
  • To make it easier to protect your belongings, MaCaution advises you to always have on hand:
  • Scotch tape rolls
  • Bubble wrap, newspapers, and tissue paper for fragile items
  • Small freezer-type bags for the screws and other assembly accessories for your kit furniture (to be taped to each piece of furniture to avoid assembling the wardrobe with the screws from the bed!)
  • Indelible markers to mark your boxes and destination parts
  • Screwdriver and unscrewer, hammer, screwdriver for assembling and disassembling furniture
  • Straps to secure the doors of furniture or washing machines.
  • Mattress moving cover and rug storage bag
  • Large-format stretch film to protect furniture, flimsy boxes, etc.

Tip: there are ready-made moving kits sold in DIY stores, which include most of the tools needed to pack before moving.

Moving day gear

It’s the big day and above all, remember to spare your efforts and the health of your friends! Here is the equipment to have on hand for a serene moving day:

Heavy moving equipment

  • Stepladder or step
  • Trolley for moving furniture and heavy objects, washing machines but also several boxes at the same time
  • Trolley or wooden plank on wheels for heavy furniture (a blanket to pull on the floor may suffice if there is no obstacle in the way)

Small moving equipment

  • Essential protective gloves
  • Masking tape for final touch-ups
  • Screwdriver for last-minute contingencies
  • Protective covers
  • Straps or lifting cables for the well-being of your back
  • Tie-down straps to stabilize everything in the moving truck
  • Garbage bags
  • First aid kit (you never know!)

To complete this list of tools, take a look at our moving checklist, which includes all the steps to properly prepare for your move without forgetting anything. In addition, you can order a variety of protective packaging materials from Britwrap at affordable prices.

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