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Are Fiberglass Mattresses for You?

This article was written to warn people about the dangers of sleeping on mattresses made of fiberglass. Assume that your safest area is in your home. Some may feel safest on the couch, while others might prefer the kitchen or bath. However, the majority of people say it’s their bed.

It’s a place where you can recover from a tiring day.

There have been a few reports recently suggesting that many beds might be more hazardous than most people realize.

This guide provides information on the dangers and best ways to avoid fiberglass-covered inner mattress covers.

What is Fiberglass, and How Does It Work?

Fiberglass is a type of composite material which is made from reinforced polymer with glass fibers. It’s lightweight and weather-resistant.

Insulation is one popular use for fiberglass.

Have you ever seen the fluffy pink and cotton candy-looking stuff stuck to your attic walls? That’s fiberglass.

Best queen mattress producers use fiberglass as a fire retardant to save money on the inner covers of some mattresses. We’ll get into more detail later.

Why is Fiberglass Dangerous for Mattress Inner Covers?

There is a chance that the mattress’s inner cover may contain fiberglass. You’re at risk of exposing yourself and your family to this abrasive substance.

Here’s how

For highly flammable mattresses like memory foam, the inner covers may be made from fiberglass to protect them from being set on fire. The outer cover may have a zippered zipper that can be taken off to wash it. If the fiberglass particles aren’t removed, they could become airborne and released into the atmosphere.

These particles can fall on furniture, get embedded in clothing or carpeting, or even be sucked into your HVAC system, spreading throughout the house.

Fiberglass is not currently rated as a carcinogen. However, it poses many other dangers to human health.

Skin Irritation Intentionally rubbing your skin against fiberglass insulation at home could cause irritation. As tiny pieces of glass are embedded in your skin, they can cause itching, blistering, and even skin cancer.

Eyes. Some fiberglass shards have a small size that can be suspended from the air. This can cause irritation (coughing/sneezing/soreness, etc.) to your nose and throat. Also, you may get red and irritated pupils.

Complications of Fiberglass Exposure – Fiberglass may aggravate existing conditions. For example, exposure to fiberglass can cause both asthma and bronchitis.

Apart from the health risks, there is also the financial cost.

Experts recommend using only a professional cleaner to restore your home’s normalcy. Cleaning up a house with airborne fiberglass can be expensive. It could cost thousands to tens of thousands of money.

Additionally, your insurance company may not cover all costs.

Why Is Fiberglass Used In The Mattress’s Inner Cover?

Fiberglass is used to cover inner mattresses because it acts cheaply and effectively as a fire retardant.

The fiberglass particles melt in the heat of a mattress catching fire. This would create a barrier to stop the mattress from catching fire.

Some companies use chemicals rather than fiberglass as flame retardants. But, studies have shown that these chemicals can cause serious health issues.

There are also mattresses that are chemical-free or even fiberglass free mattress. These mattresses offer all the benefits of fiberglass and chemical mattresses with no exposure to harmful materials.

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