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5 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Bridal Hairstyle

Your wedding date is fixed. You have finalised a destination, picked up a dress, discussed the decoration, and so on. Having the right makeup and selecting the right hairstyle is the one you can’t ignore for your wedding, especially when you want to be in the limelight. So, you need to finalise a bridal hair salon and choose the right bridal hairstyle. Here, have a look at the tips that can you select the right hairstyle for your wedding:

1. Think of the time of the year 

It is crucial for you to keep the time of year when you are going to tie the knot and the venue is indoor or outdoor. Suppose that you are getting married in midsummer at an outside venue. Weather will be very hot and you will find managing yourself difficult as all the eyes will be on you. Here, you should opt for an updo to stay cool and allow your neck to have an exposure. And never forget to use sunscreen. 

2. Match your hairstyle with the dress you have selected 

You can choose any hairstyle as per your dress and neckline. However, you need to think a few things before you choose the right bridal hairstyle for you. Suppose that you have selected a dress with a low cut back or a strapless dress. Having an updo can make you feel uncomfortable due to a lot of skin exposure. Before you make any final decision on your hairstyle for your wedding, you must keep the style of your chosen dress.   

3. Keep your comfort in mind 

Hairstylists can suggest a few hairstyle options to you. It is you who have to decide which option you should consider and which one you should neglect. Having a fancy dress on and a lot of makeup can make you feel uncomfortable. So, you should choose the hairstyle that can match with your dress and makeup and make you feel comfortable on the big day of your life. 

4. Never ignore your facial structure 

All hairstyles are not suitable for a person as each individual is different. For your wedding day, you should value your face structure while choosing the right bridal hairstyle. Here are some face shapes with the right hairstyle for your support:

  • Oval face shape – curl hair to highlight cheekbones 
  • Square face shape – a low bun with a few strands 
  • Heart face shape – curls and waves or the one with a few fringes 
  • Diamond face shape – tied-up hairstyle 
  • Round face shape – glossy do or tight and tied-up hairstyle 
  • Long face shape – a hair up style to avoid having a long face

5. Have a trial run 

It is sure you have kept your bridal dress, comfort, season, face structure and expert suggestions in mind while selecting a hairstyle for your wedding day. You may be good at your choice. However, you should know whether your selected bridal hairstyle is right for you or not. And you can do it with a trial. You should request your stylist for a trial. Stylists at a bridal hair salon get ready for it. 


Selecting a hairstyle for your wedding is a little tricky. You can choose the right bridal hairstyle by keeping season, dress, face structure, and your comfort in mind. For a better result, you can request for a trial before making a final decision. 

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