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12 Medical Tests That Women Should Take On Regular Intervals After 50 Years Of Age

Great! You (females) take exercise regularly, eat a balanced healthy diet, and take some time out to rest and recharge yourself. Have you ever thought that you should get health screenings regularly? Not yet, start thinking about it and visit a pathology lab for a health checkup for females in Greater Noida or your local city. Do it especially when you turn over 50. Here are some general and specific tests that you should take on regular intervals:

1. Blood pressure check 

As per the CDC, approximately one in 3 Americans have high blood pressure and around 1 of those 5 affected persons do know about their problem. High blood pressure is hypertension and leads you to a higher risk of kidney problems, stroke, chronic heart failure, and heart issues. Therefore, it is crucial for you to check your blood pressure regularly. Through regular checkup and doctor’s consultations, you can manage it. 

2. Colorectal cancer screening 

If you are overweight, have a family medical history of cancer, or eat a low fibre diet, you are at a higher risk of colon cancer. You should have screening for it. A colonoscopy along with regular health checkup is advisable for you. 

3. Blood tests

As you turn 50 and visit your doctor for a normal health checkup, the doctor will advise you to take a few blood tests such as blood sugar and cholesterol profile. The doctor will look at the types of cholesterol – LDL and HDL. The later one is bad and creates obstructions in the blood flow in your body. This obstruction can lead you to stroke, pain, or heart attack if not treated well. 

4. Vision exam 

It is great to schedule a health test as you get over 50 years. Poor diet, fatigue, and diabetes can affect your vision. By routine eye care and being ready for changes in your vision, you will have a seamless health experience. 

5. Immunisation 

As you turn 50, your doctor will recommend you to take some vaccines to stay healthy. These vaccines can be:

  • Flu shot 
  • Pneumococcal vaccine
  • Shingles vaccine
  • Tetanus vaccine or booster

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6. Joint care assessment        

As per a few studies, most knee replacement surgeries take place between 45 and 65. You should not ignore pains and subtle aches in your joints as you age. Your doctor can assist you with arthritis care solutions and supplementation. You should have a joint assessment after being over 50 years.   

7. Mole and skin check 

Skin checkup is crucial for females at any age. It becomes essential for you as the cases of melanoma, skin cancer, are higher among females over 50. You must have a skin care test if anyone in your family members or relatives has had skin cancer. Dermatologists will have a close look at moles or freckles all across your body, including scalp to find anything abnormal. 

8. Pelvic tests and Pap smear – for screening cervical cancer  

At 50, it is sure you will not be expecting to have a child. However, having a pelvic exam is crucial for you due to the risks of uterine or cervical cancer. A gynaecologist will do a Pap smear and HPV test that could be a little uncomfortable for you. However, you need to get it done once every three year. 

9. Osteoporosis screening 

Women who are over 50 and have a broken bone must go for a bone density test, which is a DEXA scan. It ensures that your bones are strong or not. If not, your orthopaedic doctor will prescribe a few supplements to make your bone stronger. 

10. Mammograms – Breast cancer screening 

Early detection can help you treat breast cancer well. At stage 1, patients have 100% successful treatment and higher survival rates. To safeguard yourself from breast cancer, you should have a mammogram once a year after being over 50. 

11. Full hormone profile 

Hormones regulate several functions in your body – metabolism, libido, appetite, and temperature. Due to ageing, you have several hormonal changes. You might experience drastic or sudden hormone fluctuations if you are in perimenopause or menopause stage. 

12. Hearing test 

Impaired hearing affects the quality of your life and mental processes. You should have a hearing test every 10 years until 50 and once in a year after being over 50.

Final words 

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. It should be a goal for every one and is possible when you monitor your health regularly. Your health monitoring becomes crucial for you as you get over 50. You should get all the common and specific health checkups done as per your doctor’s recommendation.     

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